Login Page Refresh

We just rolled out a refresh to our login and user profile pages. We have a snazzy new map view of your locations along with an easier and clearer route to update your login details. We hope you enjoy!

User Last Login Time

At long last, we've returned the the last login time for the users on your team. What's even better, we have a sophisticated new logging system behind the scenes that separates user activity by location. For instance, if you have a third-party patrol company, the last login time for their Field Agents will be for your account, not global across any of their clients.

System Status Dashboard

We actively monitor the Parking Boss platform and now you can see our status in real time, broken down by app/service and with a full incident history. We'll report any incidents, updates, and resolutions here as well.

To see the system status dashboard: https://status.parkingboss.com

Automatic Violation Notifications

When a violation is recorded, we look at the vehicle history to see if there's an authoritative email for that vehicle. If so, we'll send an automatic notification email after a delay. By default, this delay is 30 minutes, but it may be customized per community or property.

You can still send notifications manually at any time (e.g. in cases where we don't have an email attached to the vehicle).

Performance Improvements

We've made some significant under-the-hood changes to how data is sent, the results of which are across-the-board performance improvements, particularly with large sets of data. For instance, reports with a large number of active permits or reports for permits across long periods of time now load significantly faster.

Recent Violations in Virtual Attendant Check Usage

Residents with access to "Check Usage" via the community's Virtual Attendant now see any recent violations associated with their unit. We automatically link the violation to a unit when we can authoritatively match the vehicle and unit, for instance if a violation is recorded on a vehicle with an assigned resident permit.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Parking Boss will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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