In-app Reports Update

As of today, the "Reports" menu item (desktop Manager and Field Agent) now launches Report Center directly. This gives you access to the full set of reports (some of which are new as of our Report Center launch a few months ago).

We hope this will make it simple and easy to access all the reports and data in your Parking Boss account!

Phasing Out Older Browsers

Older browser, particularly IE 10 & 11, lack a ton of modern web features, performance, and security. In order to deliver the best possible features and performance, we've made the decision to phase these browsers out.

Starting immediately, you'll see a warning banner if you're running one of these older browsers and we strongly recommend switching to one of the following: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.

We maintain rolling support for the last two major versions of these browsers.

Later this year, we'll switch from a warning banner in older browsers to blocking login completely.

Thanks for helping us make Parking Boss the best it can be and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Banned Report

Report Center now includes a "Banned" report that includes any banned vehicles or units.

Self-Service Passcodes

Residents can now request their own passcode by email if they've forgotten it based on the email attached to their home/unit.

If you're interested in enabling this feature, please contact your account manager or our customer team at

Built-in QR Scanner for Guests & Residents

Virtual Attendant now embeds a custom, built-in QR code scanner directly into the Activate and Violation Lookup screens. This allows a guest or resident to easily and quickly scan a Smart Warning Sticker or Smart Decal for quick lookup without needing a separate QR Scanner app.

Access Log Chart

Early last month we rolled out a brand new system for monitoring activity, which saw the return of user last login time.

Today, we're taking this to the next level: reports now include Access Log, which is a visual timeline showing when all your users are active. For instance, you can see exactly when your patrol is active in your account and gives you a whole new level of insight into what's happening.

Reset Links

There was an isolated case where clicking on a reset link in your email would take you right back to the login screen. We identified the scenario where this happens and fixed it!

Report Center

To kick off this week, we just rolled out an update to reports, including a brand-new "All Reports" list that includes some much-requested new reports.

Login Page Refresh

We just rolled out a refresh to our login and user profile pages. We have a snazzy new map view of your locations along with an easier and clearer route to update your login details. We hope you enjoy!

User Last Login Time

At long last, we've returned the the last login time for the users on your team. What's even better, we have a sophisticated new logging system behind the scenes that separates user activity by location. For instance, if you have a third-party patrol company, the last login time for their Field Agents will be for your account, not global across any of their clients.

No published changelogs yet.

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